All Asians Look Chinese

Be honest.

We all look Chinese to you, don’t we.

You probably went to our About Us page, saw our photos, and said, “Great, just what I need – another Chinese blogging couple.”

But I don’t blame you. Shit, I’d say the same thing. Aren’t there enough Chinese people in this world already? Do we really need another Chinese couple to make more Chinese babies? Why are Chinese men so bad at pulling out? Don’t Chinese women believe in birth control?

Here’s the thing: I am not Chinese.

Is it racist of me to hate that most people assume that?

Look, to the Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. – I get it. We all look the same. Who cares if someone’s Vietnamese or Japanese. It’s all the same shit to you. Y’all got untrained eyes. That’s fine.

It’s when my fellow Koreans and other Chinese people think I’m Chinese that I get bothered.

When I step into a Korean restaurant, they’ll start speaking to me in English. In their minds, they say, “Psh, I gotta speak Engrish to this Chinese motherfucker.”

The other day, I was at the market when an old Chinese lady came up to me. No hello, no excuse me, no asking if I was Chinese; she just started speaking to me in what appeared to be Mandarin. Granny might as well have been speaking in Dothraki – I didn’t understand a damn thing. Luckily, Emily came to the rescue and helped her with her questions.

This is my existence: while most non-Asians think we’re all Chinese, even the Asians think I’m Chinese too.

I’m right about at that point in life where I’m done correcting people.

Am I Chinese? Yes.

Am I American-born Chinese? Sure.

Am I half-Asian, half-white? How’d you know?

You must be good at math, huh? Look at my face.

And if anyone asks me, what are you? My response – Can’t you tell I’m black?


– Chris.


  1. I used to work with a girl whose parents were 100% Korean, she would go ape shit if she got called Chinese! I saw her undress more than one person with words for getting that little bit of information wrong.

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  2. I will be honest and say that I don’t see much difference, just like I can’t tell for sure if someone is from let’s Germany or Sweden by appearance. I think because such a big part of our population is Chinese, the chances you say yes to their question “Are you Chinese?” are much higher than if they asked if you are from Thailand.
    I also know the struggle of being confused for another nationality. I live in the south of The Netherlands and my accent sounds quite like Belgian to the dutch people who live in the north of my country. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the north without being asked if I am Belgian. It frustrates me a lot, because it doesn’t sound the same to me. Besides, does it make me any more special if I was Belgian? Never seen a Belgian person before?

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  3. I’m not fine with non-Asians asking me if “from from” China. Time for us to start asking THEM if they’re Libyan, Nigerian, Austrian, Polish, etc. etc. etc.

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  4. Ok I am going to go all science nerdy on you for a second here… I am an Anthropologist as well as a Psychologist, and with that being said I an going to truth bomb your ass with this. There is only one race: HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. Boom bitch. Yeah that’s right baby. Science. So fuck all this Asian nonsense. We are all the same fucking race. 😘


  5. Thank you! You are speaking to the choir here but please tell the Physical Therapist I worked( notice ed)… Because she was white white lady from Utah and had the nerve to tell me, a person raised in Betkeley, Ca that she knows how to distinguish and why the heck is she even bringing this up at work I have NO bleeping clue!
    I think about my Chinese/ Japanese friend think,… He must hate people like that!!
    What’s wrong with us humans? Why we make up race? I took a class in college about it. We are trying to dissect ourselves like we do other animals and agriculture but why?
    We can’t do it anymore… It’s so dis pairing to me. Hoping that a huge mass like Earth will get our stuff together and see the earth is round, and we are not falling off anytime soon. Thank God for technology and the Internet to help people like us spread 411 but some countries don’t even get internet so we have to personally go to them and get everyone to “understand the words coming out of our mouths”… This why FaceBook has a translation button now and this why the Catholic Church tried to get everyone speaking LATIN, and now we all speak a Latin based English language because the roots for all of us need to get together and see the band Roots is our common denominator!
    What used to be a Johnny Carson tonight show is now a Roots tonight show and even though we have yet to have a person on late night tv not represent nonwhite America it is slowly and maybe too slowly progressing to an audience that is not cock sure about classifying everyone based on looks alone!
    When I worked as a waitress and in other times in my life people asked me, ” excuse me you look so different what are you”? Basically what’s my nationality the caterpillar asking whhhooooo rrrrrr uuuuuu? And that caterpillar doesn’t know whoooooo hhhheeeee is because he’s metamorphasizing and leaving as a butterfly just like we all are!


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