A Man’s Opinion on Taylor Swift

This is quite the conundrum. Let me start off by saying this – I am not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music. I’ve never listened to any of her albums, and I could barely name two or three songs of hers. What I do know about her is that she is adored by millions, a winner of multiple Grammy’s, and has written her own lyrics from a very early age. From my outside perspective, she’s a super-talented artist who doesn’t get into any trouble and has managed to handle public incidents like being Kanye’d at the 2009 MTV VMA Awards rather gracefully. She openly embraces all genres of music, from country to hip-hop, and seemingly cares about the success and well-being of other artists in the music industry.

So then, why do I feel like I should hate her?

First off, there’s the dancing at award shows. I can’t really fault her for this. If Taylor Swift wants to act like she’s at Woodstock while wearing a dress that’s worth someone’s annual salary in an air-conditioned auditorium surrounded by other millionaires in suits and dresses, that’s her right. However, having the savvy of being in the public eye for many years, she must know that the camera pans to her about a hundred times, right? I admit it – my initial reaction to seeing her do her crazy dances on TV is to think that she looks ridiculous, but I know that’s no reason to dislike her. She’s entitled to do whatever she wants, and is this any worse than celebrities trying to look too cool for school when they’re on camera? No, in this case, I’m just being an asshole and a hater.

Do your thing, girl.

Then there’s her opinion about men. The two lyrics I know of hers are as follows:

1) We will never ever ever (ever ever ever? I lost count on the ever’s) get back together

2) Boys only want love if it’s torture

I don’t have a problem with Line #1. You see, by repeating the word ever she is vehemently emphasizing that she will not return into a relationship with her ex-lover. OK, got it. But let’s look at Line #2 – Boys only want love if it’s torture. So we LOVE torture that much, eh Tay-Tay? Do men seek out abusive, emotionally taxing relationships with women? Do we instigate conflict and consider love to be some kind of environment of instability? To this, I respond with a big, fat:

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

But what irks me the most about Taylor Swift is the Spotify issue. To a degree, I understand her stance. Artists don’t make nearly as much as they used to (except if you’re, I don’t know, Taylor Swift, who was estimated by Forbes to have earned $64 million dollars in 2014). And let’s genuinely believe that she pulled her catalogue from Spotify services because she wants to look out for all musicians out there and their financial interests. It still doesn’t lessen her delusions of grandeur when it comes to the Internet and pirating material. Does she think she’s going to cause a chain reaction of major artists and labels to pull their music catalogues from streaming services? Does she think this will bring a halt to all illegal downloading of her music and the music of other artists? Is this going to bring the music industry back to the Good ‘ol Days? I don’t know her true intentions but I am pretty confident in saying this – the Internet will always win. Instead of fighting piracy, Taylor Swift should realize that illegal downloading will always exist, and that her actions of pulling her music from Spotify only alienates a portion of the general population who will see this as another rich artist being greedy. There’s no stopping the evolution of society – Is anyone crying for cassette or VCR makers? Music is more accessible now – that’s just the way it is. Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming services give artists exposure to new audiences that otherwise would never be aware of their music. It’s a good thing. Let’s not fight it.

After all this, I am still unclear on how to feel about Taylor Swift. Do I have some unjustified bias against her because her music is seemingly not of my personal taste? Is it OK to be critical of her as long as I can acknowledge some of her good qualities? I don’t want to be that guy that hates her because I think she’s this or that, but what I do know, based on my perceptions and what I’ve seen and read, is that I have zero desire to listen to her music. I guess I’ll never know how good or bad it really is.


*Emily was conveniently unavailable to contribute to this post. I’m sure a debate is forthcoming.


  1. You had me at the Wildling…

    That being said, I was rather on the fence before regarding Taylor Swift. One the one hand, adorable and cute as hell. On the other, completely out of touch with the reality of every day living (but should we fault her for this?).

    You’ve convinced me. She must be hated!

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  2. I go through phases with Taylor Swift, or at least I did. I liked her, and then around the time “Red (her 3rd album?) came out, I was over her. Then I slowly started liking her again. I don’t know why though. She’s really good to her fans, so that’s something I can appreciate!

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  3. lol can’t wait for Emily to weigh in! It’s refreshing that she’s a celebrity who isn’t a train wreck or superficially plastic, and as the blogger above stated- I hear she’s super amazing to her fans.


  4. I saw the name, Taylor Swift and needed to read it. People love and hate Taylor, I’m one of those million fans. 🙂


  5. Amen to your point about the dancing at award shows. I pay to see her dance onstage at her concerts, and I’d like to keep it that way.

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  6. I couldn’t hate Taylor Swift. Her music is too boring to justify a reaction that strong. The one thing I like about her is her opposition to Spotify and services like it, which are killing the music business by preventing all but a few artists from making decent money on their recordings.

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  7. I don’t really hate her, I’m just indifferent to her as I am to most famous, rich people appearing in popular media. They are like shadow puppets. You see them in the light and they amuse you for about five minutes, then you’re done. I once caught part of an interview on with one of the actors from Seventh Heaven and quickly realized that he was an idiot who wouldn’t last a day in the real world if he had to fend for himself. His grammar was that of a ten year old and he bragged that he had “dropped out of high school” to pursue his acting career. I wonder what burger joint he’s mopping the floor at now since Seventh Heaven is no longer on the air. I would argue that the reason you feel hate towards a celebrity is because of this, not because of who they are personally. Let’s face it, if a Zombie Apocalypse happened tomorrow, these cushy celebrities and entertainers would be the first to go. They would also be nobodies if not for entertainment media and the utter devotion of everyday people who try to live vicariously through them. Most celebrities wouldn’t walk across a street to spit on these types of fans.

    In the end, what you feel isn’t hate but a kind of contempt. That contempt is mostly justified.

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    1. I have feelings of ambivalence, not contempt. I actually don’t feel any contempt for these celebrity types; their fame says more about the general population than it does about themselves.

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  8. I completely despised her until a few months ago when I realized she’s absolutely adorable and puts herself out there…she falls in love like it’s breathing, and when she breaks up, the guy becomes her next cathartic album before she wistfully falls in love again. And, like you said, she dances at awards shows. And she asks her fans to name her kitten. And she reaches out to her fans in the sweetest of ways. And something about her comes across as completely innocent (that unaware thing you discussed) and childlike and sweet no matter what she encounters. I’m kind of jealous of her inability (seemingly) to become jaded…even with all her haters and bad breakups and Katy Perry 😉

    She’s sort of my spirit animal now.


  9. I love Taylor Swift when she was still country… But when the song “I knew you were trouble” was out, from love shifted to like… But when “shake it off”, “blank space” and “bad blood” were out I fell in love again ❤


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