About Us

We are Emily and Chris. We met each other on a cool Vegas night back in April of 2013. It was the most casual of encounters, starting off with a mere hello. Little did we know then that we would end up being a couple that lives and blogs together.

Being children of the 1980’s, we still remember a time of rotary phones, cassette tapes, and cheap gasoline. We are aware that things have changed and like you, the reader, we are making our best attempt at navigating our way through this new world. We’re just writing about it.

We know that Men and Women view life through a different lens. This may be most apparent when it comes to dating, but there are countless other topics and situations where the two have differences of opinion. We are in a constant process of working out these differences in order to build a greater understanding of one another. Again, we’re choosing to write about it.

This is a blog where A Couple Talks. Sometimes we’re crass, sarcastic, and inappropriate, but the main thing is we are always honest. We aren’t geniuses by any stretch, but we’re trying our best to be thinkers in a world where there’s too much going on around us to think.


1491780_10104801106645691_6865647520026591824_nABOUT EMILY: Also known as happynfull, you can find me documenting our hairy 4-year old son’s life on instagram (@oclhasa). When I’m not at the laptop keyboard, I’m practicing tunes on a sweet Yamaha DGX Keyboard, hiking, yelping restaurants, practicing yoga or consuming coffee.



ABOUT CHRIS: Born and raised in Southern California, if I’m not watching sports, TV shows, or indie films, you can find me spending a gratuitous amount of time on Wikipedia or Reddit. Otherwise, I’ll be at the gym probably injuring myself.


If you want to ask us something, please contact us at acoupletalks@gmail.com



  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am checking out yours like I said I would. Not sure about the compatibility, frankly, as I am old and you are not. I am, however, young-at-heart and interested in many things, so I will follow along and see what I see. Looks like your blog is pretty new and covers a lot. You mention what you do, but not in the terms of a job…???? All the best!


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