Day: July 14, 2015

Always Question Conventional Wisdom

Last week, I read something that floored me.

I came across this article about a Detroit doctor who had been scamming his patients for years, falsely diagnosing them with cancer and forcing unnecessary chemotherapy treatments for his own personal profit.

He committed this crime on over 500 patients. As most of us are aware, chemotherapy is extremely taxing on the body, and undergoing unnecessary treatment will lead to significant damage, and sometimes, untimely deaths.

Last Friday, this cuntface of a human being was sentenced to 45 years in prison for his inhumane crimes.

Here’s the thing: we assume people like doctors know a lot of shit.

We go to the doctor seeking help and consultation with our physical problems. We may have a sore back or joint pain. We may have recently been injured from playing sports or from a car accident. We may also have nagging ailments that have been bothering us for quite some time. But the point is, we go to the doctor because we believe that he or she will know what to do to solve our problems. We also believe that the doctor will have our best interests in mind.

What we should realize is that doctors are human beings too, and that all human beings are imperfect and have their own personal motives.

What am I talking about? Here’s an example: I’ve been going to the same dental office for years now. Every few years, one dentist has moved on and another has stepped in. About a year ago, when I went in for a cleaning, the dentist told me, “Oh, you need to take your wisdom teeth out for sure.” I said, “Okay, I’ll keep that mind.” Six months later, a new dentist rolls in, looks at my X-rays, examines my teeth, and not once did she mention my wisdom teeth.

If it was so clear that I needed to remove my wisdom teeth, then why didn’t the new dentist mention it?

Sometimes I flip through channels on TV and wonder how some of these shows exist.

Then I remember this: the general public is naive and lazy.

They want to be told what to believe and what to do in certain situations. But what’s worse is they accept everything that they’re told without questioning anything.

People don’t want to take time to think for themselves. They see someone with an M.D. after the name and automatically believe that this person will heal them.

Yo, dude, why didn’t you get a second opinion?

I don’t blame the victims and their families at all for what happened to them with this crooked doctor. But I can’t help but wonder – at least a tiny bit – how did they all get duped so easily?

The other day, I was at Costco, looking for protein drinks. Would it have made sense if I looked at one protein drink, read how awesome their product was on the box, and bought it without looking at all the other drinks? Hell fucking no.

But that’s what we do in life. We hear things like cutting off foods high in fat will help you lose weight or you have to go to college to make money as an adult, and we accept them without blinking an eye. Not only are statements like this subjective, they are flat out wrong.

Those types of statements are what we call conventional wisdom.

Fuck conventional wisdom.

Wisdom is anything but conventional. That shit is developed and earned through years and years of experience, trial and error, success and failure. If wisdom was conventional, we’d all be smart as fuck. But we know that not to be the case.

I used to go to church for many years. Now, I’m astounded by how many people go to church and automatically believe what the preacher is saying. It took me many years to realize and say to myself, Hey, I should read this Bible and think about this shit on my own… yeah, none of this makes any sense to me.

I don’t want to get into a religious rant or hate on religion at all; to each his own. The point is, we have to think for ourselves and find truth in life without being dependent on what others say.

Be curious, be seeking. Always question if something is right or the best approach.

Or else, we’ll end up getting buttfucked by a shady doctor looking to make an extra buck.

– Chris.