Day: July 16, 2015

She’s With HIM???

The other day, a friend was telling me about someone he knew.

This guy is fat and ugly, but he has a hot ass girlfriend.

I said, “Oh really. Let me see a picture.”

So I see the picture. He’s not that fat, and not that ugly. I’d say he’s an average looking Asian guy. His girlfriend, though, is a very cute blond.

Let’s be real – we’ve all come across this at some point, the guy-girl couple that doesn’t seem to fit. The dude is average looking at best, maybe even below average if we’re sipping on some extra haterade, and the chick is smoking hot.

Wait, wha… she’s with HIM???


Personally, I want to examine two things. First, I want to know how this happens. How does a guy out-kick his coverage to that level and nab a woman like that? If the guy’s a 5 and the girl’s a 9, then surely he knows something that the rest of us don’t know.

Second, I want to figure out why this is even an issue. How come we’re predisposed to believe that two people in a relationship should be in a similar aesthetic range?


Okay, so how does this happen? Of course, a lot of us will automatically assume that the guy is rich. But for argument’s sake, let’s count that option out. (As is the case of the guy my friend was talking about, I don’t believe he’s that wealthy, yet he was able to score his girl anyway)

It’s got to be a personality thing, right? Men are super visual, which is why this specific blog post even exists. The guy is probably funny as hell. He may also have a lot of charisma and confidence. Maybe he’s done some kind deeds.

Well, I’m not that funny, have low self-esteem, and am pretty selfish. Yeah, you’re fucked.

Here’s something I’ve observed through the years – a lot of men don’t look inward. They’ll look at a couple and wonder, “How the hell did he get her?” when they really mean “How can I get someone like her?”

I’ve got some single friends that wonder why they can’t get girls, but the subtext behind that question is something along the lines of, “What’s wrong with these girls? How come they don’t like me?

I want to shake the shit out of these guys.

Bottom line – look at yourself and see where you can improve. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Be interesting. Accomplish something. Get to the point where you know that you have a lot to offer up to someone else. Then maybe you can be this guy that can get your beautiful girl.

Okay, calm down.

So why is a looks disparity even an issue? I think it goes back to ideas of self-worth. It’s like that quote in The Perks of Being A Wallflower – “We accept the love we think we deserve.” We see a guy with a hot chick and be like, “Psh, motherfucker don’t deserve that. She must be with him for his money, LOL LMAO LMFAO ROFL blah blah blah troll troll troll.”

I admit, there was a point in life where I was that guy. But really, it’s frustration, insecurity, and a false sense of entitlement that give people this negative attitude that really stunt their growth.

I suppose what I’m really trying to communicate is a message to men out there.

Don’t get caught up in another man’s shit.

If you see a normal guy with a hot chick, don’t start hating. Why don’t you be motivated and inspired instead? Take an honest look at yourself and see how you can be a better, more well-rounded person.

Alright, that’s it. I’m done. This topic got me stressed.

– Chris.