Dear Ladies: Wait for 30

It’s been around seven weeks since Emily and I started this blog.

During this time, I have scoured the WordPress blogosphere and I have literally lost count of the number of posts I’ve read about how men are immature, creepy, and have a general lack of common sense.

Gee, y’all ladies are real funny.

No, to be honest, I enjoy reading these diatribes on males. The female bloggers we follow have great senses of humor and I look forward to reading more rants about the buffoonery surrounding men.

But yet, I am a man.

It’s like hearing a racist joke about Asians told by a non-Asian. It’s funny and I laugh, but I can’t help but feel some level of angst, right?

Actually, no, I love racist jokes. They never upset me, unless the joke is super lame. But I digress.

Here is what I want to say to the hetero-female bloggers out there:

Okay, I get it: men suck.

We can be Neanderthals at times, many times in fact. We always laugh if a fart or a dick joke is involved.

Our communication skills are, well let’s just say they can leave something to be desired. Sometimes we text you so much that the iMessage thought bubble seems permanently fixed to the text conversation, and yet there are other times when we act like you don’t even exist.

We want sex all the time. No dinner. No movie. No drinks. Just come over. Conversation? Bitch please. So what if it’s 3 AM and we live thirty miles away? Our magical penises will make it worth you’re while.

Do you feel those eyes staring at you from across the bar, burning a quarter-shaped hole into your cerebral cortex? Yeah, that’s us. We are on full-creep mode, our eyes looking you up and down as our mind’s eye undresses you, naked as the day you were born. And we don’t give a fuck.

We’ll buy you a drink. See, this way your inhibitions will go down and you’ll be shoving your vaginas in our faces. It’s a full-proof plan.

Movies? Books? Hobbies? Which ones do we like? Whichever one gets us in your pants.


Okay, calm down everyone. I just wanted to paint a picture of the men you all are describing in these blog posts.

Here’s the thing: to me, most of these guys sound like men in their twenties.

Men in their twenties are nothing but giant balls of testosterone (pun definitely intended) held together by bones, organs, and flesh.

You have to forgive them; it’s a biological thing. And now that every type of porn known to man is available in about 5 seconds, well they’re just jacking off constantly, and this is only making them more impatient and more prone to throw out manners and just go for the jugular.

Since it’s 2015 now, if a male was born between 1985 and 1995, he is probably masturbating to some grotesque shit right at this very moment. But I digress yet again.


There’s a silver lining: we mature at 30.

When we hit 30, we think, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we just listened once in a while?”

Or, “Wow, I actually enjoy spending a Friday night at home reading a good book.”

Or even still, “She’s got a cool personality. I appreciate the conversations we have.”

Wait, hold up, did you just say conversation? Yes I did. You see, we get better at that sort of thing, that whole human interaction thing. We give less shits about trying to impress you and more shits about being true to ourselves.

We learn to stand up for our principles and values, and this makes us unique.

We can develop genuine interest in you as a person, while still wanting to have sex with you, no doubt. But this we know can wait.

Guys get better at 30; we actually start to grow up.

But keep dating them twenty-somethings, because I love reading these blog posts.

Yours truly,

– Chris.


Female Pickup Artists, Huh???

At first, this was unbelievable to me.

I was perusing when I came across this article titled This Is What a ‘Female Pickup Artist’ Seminar Is Actually Like.

Whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock.

The title stopped me in my tracks. Let’s think about this – female pickup artists. For those that aren’t in the know, the pickup artist, or PUA, is a term that’s been around for decades, spawning communities all over the world of men teaching one another how to meet, attract, and date women. This came to my attention years ago when I read The Game, by Neil Strauss. An entertaining read, the book chronicles Neil’s journey from being a man who had zero skills with women to becoming one of the top PUA’s in the world through his indoctrination into the ways of the pickup community. Personally, I found much of Neil’s views and opinions to be useful about men and women, while scoffing at some of the more cheesy, canned tips he offered.

But female PUAs, really???

The hetero-world of dating centers around the notion that sexual choice lies in the hands of women. This is why clubs allow women to get in for free with minimal waiting while the line is full of dudes, why women’s OKCupid inboxes are full of messages, and why every guy swipes right for every girl on Tinder (or at least I would think so). The thought that women have trouble meeting men is beyond me, and to go even further the fact that female PUAs even exist at all with seminars full of women looking for help is quite confounding.

But then I remembered an important fact – I’m just a man, and men don’t know shit about women.

I never thought women had difficulty meeting men, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The overall social awkwardness of the general population seems to be growing- we’re so used to substituting Facebook and Instagram Likes for actual face-to-face conversation. It’s no wonder women and men alike are finding it increasingly difficult to meet each other in social settings. Dating isn’t done the way mom and dad used to do it- the manuscript must be revised and rewritten for today’s landscape.

In my opinion, if there’s any benefit to these female pickup artist seminars it’s this- women can learn about themselves. Reading The Game actually brought to light a lot of my own personal tendencies and self-opinions- I believe  the increased level of self-awareness ultimately helped my cause. We are all on the same boat, trying to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of modern dating. No one is impervious to a little guidance and self-evaluation along the way.

With that said, do your thing ladies. Cheers to female PUAs, I guess.

– Chris.

So How Long Do I Wait to Call Her?

I love the movie Swingers – it’s undoubtedly a must-watch for every man. These are everyday guys that men can relate to because most men are living the same life.

The movie follows Mike (played by Jon Favreau), a struggling comedian who has recently been dumped by a longtime girlfriend and thrusted into the singles scene in Los Angeles. Every conversation inevitably goes back to his breakup, and he’s facing the brutal truth that this is his first time being single as an adult.

There’s a particular scene which I love. With some great advice from his buddy Trent (definitely be the rated-R guy), Mike approaches the bar and gets a woman’s phone number. The dialogue that ensues is cinematic gold:

So how long do I wait to call her? It may sound like a silly question, but is it really that trivial?

First of all, I’ve already written about how no one calls anymore, so texting can replace calling in this case. Oftentimes women make the mistake of assuming that once they give their number to a man, he’ll know what to do from there. The truth is, a lot of men have no idea what to do after this.

Should men even care? I think they should, or else there will be a large amount of this happening:

The answer, in my opinion, starts with a question, How do you want to come off to a woman? If a man gets a number and then leaves six, seven text messages later that night, surely he must know how that looks. Conversely, if he gets a number and doesn’t message her until two weeks later, she’ll probably want him to piss off. That said, I think it’s safe to say there’s an acceptable range of time after getting the phone number where a man should contact the woman. It’s up to the individual man to be aware of timing things correctly.

If you’d like to chime in on this, please leave a comment below. Everyone has their own opinion on initial contact etiquette, I’m not even sure if there’s a right answer.

– Chris

“How Many Kids Do You Want?”

Shudder. I hate that question. I am fielding that question a lot these days, and it’s been literally a decade since I was first asked the question. When I was a senior in high school, I remember talking to my girlfriends about it. “I’m going to go to college, graduate, go to law school, get married by 27, pop out a baby when I’m 29, and still become a hot shot lawyer.” I said it so matter-of-fact, as if they were just the logical steps every woman would take after obtaining a high school diploma. The type-A in me was so programmed.

Today, I am 28. I did go to college (and graduated, phew). But after working 2 years at a law firm with disgruntled attorneys, I decided law school wasn’t for me. I ended up being recruited by a head hunter and was introduced to the wonderful (and crazy) world of recruiting. I started dating my now boyfriend at 27. 29 is only one year away. I have a general sense of where, what and who I want to be by then… and it definitely does not include being a 29 year-old mother. When I was asked the question again for the first time in nearly a decade I was caught off guard.

Shit. I have not even thought about it. “Uhhhh…. two. Twins, preferably. Two for one pregnancy. Yes, BOGO. That sounds like a deal.” The truth is, the deeper I think about it, and really start to visualize what having a kid is about, I’m not entirely sure I want one. I am definitely not prepared to raise one. Two years ago, I asked a best friend how many times she dropped her daughter. She gave me an eyebrow raise and said, “Never.” I was amazed. She was mortified. It’s no wonder she hasn’t asked me to babysit.


As millennials, we are often described as “spoiled, entitled, instant gratification seekers” by our previous generation. Studies show there is a 54% decline in marriages compared to our parents’ generation. This makes sense: we have so many options available at our fingertips (literally). I can’t say what it was like to grow up before Tinder, POF, Match, etc., but I can imagine when you met someone, you really knew they were special.  And when you met that person, I can see how having kids would be the next logical step to take. Our parents didn’t grow up with PS4, Reddit, Netflix, Expedia, World of Warcraft — you know, timeless activities. Perhaps I contribute to our Gen-Y stereotype of being the selfish generation. Sarah Silverman summarizes it quite nicely below.


So, “How many kids do you want?” I think the more common question to ask our generation is, “Do you want to have kids?” Subconsciously, I have always been conditioned to think having kids is for everyone but I’m starting to realize maybe it’s not.  Life is filled with surprises and I’ve realized there is no such thing a life road map. Yes, you can make general plans but there will always be detours thrown at you, because, life. Better double up on protection.
Why haven't you had kids yet?

#SocialMediaPDA – When is it Too Much?

Emily: As I hit my late 20’s, it’s bad enough that I have my mother breathing down my neck asking, “When are you going to get married?” Now I am constantly being reminded (what seems to be on a weekly basis) that everyone around me is either getting married, getting engaged or getting preggers. It’s really difficult missing that big block in your Newsfeed when it’s bolded and centered every time a friend adds a life event and the standard congratulations flood the page.

While I understand the significance of these life events and am happy for them (as evidenced by my Like), what I don’t understand is all of the other general social media PDA. I guess it’s sweet to see John loves Rachel and got her just because flowers and a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s. John also wants me to know that he thinks his girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world. I can’t help but wonder if John tells her this in person, too, and if so, before or after the status update? It just makes me wonder, is there such a thing as too much social media PDA?

Chris: Whether we admit it or not, there exists a troll inside all of us, hungry and waiting to be fed. Social media PDA is the bacon cheeseburger for our inner troll. It’s like watching The Bachelor – on one hand you wonder how a show like this could exist only to realize you’ve watched every group date and rose ceremony. To me, I find it interesting what social media PDA reveals about us as people. There are many factors in play – from people wanting to uphold an image of a perfect relationship to viewers trolling every egregiously romantic post. I’ve noticed that women in particular have a distaste for social media PDA, because, as we all know, women love hating other women.


Emily: Women call other women bitches, sluts and whores as men call other men dicks, douchebags, and sons of bitches. These nicknames are often warranted out of jealousy – for women it’s based on insecurity surrounding physical looks, for men it’s based on insecurity surrounding the alpha desire to make more money or drive a flashier car. I can’t speak for men but I would say women are competitive and agree woman on woman hate is rampant. So if your question above is asking whether or not social media PDA is stemmed from the desire to make others jealous, I think very much so. I can’t see anyone really wanting to tweet or Instagram themselves kissing because they genuinely think people see this as a measurement of their true love. And if they do think others are dying to see their newest love status, it goes back to my original question, when is it too much? Do we have societal pressures to put on a happy face for the web all the time? Is this the modern way of demonstrating true love?

Chris: I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s never too much. Social media PDA always serves a purpose, whether it’s for John to show everyone how awesome he is for having someone like Rachel, or for people to troll on him for his over-the-top gushing. I don’t mind it at all. It’s like gratuitous nudity in Game of Thrones  – are you really that upset about it? I’m not.

But does this mean someone loves someone less because there’s a lack of social media PDA? Of course not. Girls should think about fighting the urge to find these hidden underlying meanings behind their man’s social media activity, because usually there isn’t one. It’s fairly simple – everyone has their own level of privacy they’d like to keep – just because I don’t tell my Facebook friends how great you are doesn’t mean I think it any less. As long as I tell you how much I appreciate you face to face, the social media stuff is irrelevant.

Emily: You mean after all this debate you’re not going to tell me you love me on the web? Because I love you!!! ^____^ ❤ ❤ ❤ Did that gross out any readers out there? Get used to it. #socialmediaPDA is going viral!

Fight Night – How To Avoid One With Your Girl

No man is undefeated.

Tonight is the night of the big fight – Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. It’s the dream matchup, good vs. evil, cocky vs. humble, defense vs. offense. I was going to write a post about the fight itself, what to watch for and its social significance in our culture. But, instead, let’s discuss a more important fight, the ones to avoid with your girl.

To the fellas – I know we’ve seen men go undefeated. Floyd Mayweather hasn’t lost (yet) a fight, the ’72 Dolphins went undefeated, and the UCLA basketball team went undefeated 4 times during the ’60s and ’70s. But, when it comes to the game of love and relationships, NO MAN is undefeated. In fact, I can’t think of any man who’s won more fights with his girl than lost. Women just have a way of breaking us down round by round like a championship prize fighter. With that said, here are some tips to avoid fights with your special lady.

Be Responsive

Girls love to talk. I mean, they really love to talk. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. Your girl wants to let you in on her thoughts and feelings. She wants to be close to you. I know, sometimes us men just want to turn off our brains and just relax, but we must remember women are wired much differently. So if you’ve sat through half a quarter of an NBA game, seen multiple lead changes and and-1’s, with your girl all the while talking to you about her day, and you haven’t said a word to her or even taken your eyes off the screen, do your self a favor and engage in the conversation that she’s obviously started 15 minutes ago.

Yeah, this sums it up.

Yeah, this sums it up.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Your girl is beautiful. She’s a one-of-a-kind purple unicorn that’s most fortunately committed to being in a relationship with you. She’s funny, intelligent, and great to be around. I mean, hell, she’s willing to be naked in front of you, and even more astounding, she doesn’t run out of the room in hysterical laughter once you’ve taken your clothes off. She should be reminded regularly that she’s #1, and if you’re a guy that thinks telling her the one time that you think she’s pretty is going to be enough, well then I pity that fool.

Say Yes

Do you want to come with me to lunch with my girlfriend from out of town? Yes. Do you want to go try that new Chinese restaurant 20 miles away? Yes. Do you want to spend the day cleaning the house? Yes. Instead of watching football, do you want to go to Costco with me? Yes. Do you want to read this book together? Yes. Get the point?

She’s Not One of The Guys

We all want that girl that can, at times, be just like one of the guys. You know, the kind you can go to the sports bar with in the afternoon and eat wings, drink beers, and watch games all day. Well, newsflash – no girl will ever be one of the guys. The way we talk, act, and generally waste our time with the boys can’t go on with our girl. Whether they will admit it or not, girls want a special kind of attention from you, the kind that will remind her that she is special to you. So just leave the profanity-laced gluttony time with the fellas.

Just Do It

Did she ask you if you can go to Starbucks and get her a chai latte? Did she ask you to take out the trash? Did she ask you to walk the dog? Did she ask you to get her a cup of water even though you’re all nice and comfy in bed? Just fucking do it.


Well, I hope this helps. We have a great fight on our hands tonight. But just remember, there are fights that we look forward to in life and there are fights we best wish to avoid. Let’s be like Mayweather and duck fights, because, in the case of you and your girl, you will not be getting paid $200 million to fight.


* Emily will be back, I promise.


Chris’s Personal Stories Part 1 – Thomas Crowned

I am such a douche.

That was the prevailing thought, over and over in my head. Here I was, at an LA club, sipping on a Jack and Coke, wondering what the hell just happened. She did seem like she was having fun. We were getting along, laughing and chit-chatting. I had thought that – actually, I have no idea what I was thinking. Maybe I had thought that we would at least have fun together that night.

So then why is she nowhere to be seen?

Rewind 20 minutes. “Hey, that’s a cool bracelet!” Wait; did I just say Hey, that’s a cool bracelet? Stay composed. In retrospect, I should’ve picked up my bat and ball, and slowly walked away. If only the Game could just kick your ass like a first round Mike Tyson knockout, guys would have a better time dealing with it. But, as it is, it’ll usually torture you for fifteen rounds like Floyd Mayweather, jabbing and shoulder-rolling you to death. But anyways, I’ve opened. I can’t abort now. Be strong. Stand up straight. Alpha Male. Grow a sack of balls and talk.

She says “Thanks!” with a smile, which of course I took to mean Come flirt with me now. I strike up small talk. I ask uber-interesting questions like, Do you come here often? and Are you from around here?  because, you know, I’m so clever and original and no way has she been asked these questions a million times in her life. I think to myself, “Hmm. The conversation is stalling. Quick, alcohol, save me.” How can she reject me if I buy her a drink, right? It’s a full-proof guarantee.

I am such a genius.

I’m leaning over the bar. Damn this place is packed. I yell, “Two Jack and Cokes!” to the bartender. He pours what looks like two Cokes with a splash of Jack, turns to me and says “24 dollars.” Alright, don’t be distracted by the price, you’re in the middle of something. I turn around, hand her a drink, and then turn back to the bar to sign off on the tab. I put the pen down, pick up my drink, turn around, and what do you know, she’s gone. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared like Thomas Crown in a museum.

I am such a jackass.

Fortunately, this was many years ago. I was quite the spring chicken back then. It’s experiences like these that can ruin men or make them. Instead of thoughts like Fuck her or What a bitch, I’ve come to realize that this is just the way it is. People set up unrealistic expectations. Awareness of your surroundings is a good quality, but an even greater one is self-awareness. I can see now that I was less concerned about talking and getting to know someone and more concerned with winning someone over.

And to the fellas – quit buying random girls drinks. You want to curry favor with someone – be interesting. Have fun. Listen. A drink won’t (well, it shouldn’t) make her forget that you’re still a stranger, an unknown. You’re a newde – a new dude. Yes, guys are still out there getting Thomas Crowned all over the place. Let’s not get too upset. It’s nothing personal.

As we’ve learned from The Wire: The game is the game. Always.

The Lost Art of The Phone Call

Men are such creeps.

Scouring the blogverse, I’ve come across countless posts from women venting their frustrations about men who, in their minds, are social mutants. A popular complaint of the ladies is that men turn conversations sexual way too early on. Whether it’s an overly flirtatious compliment or a straight up dick-pic, a lot of us men have become trigger happy when it comes to turning up the conversational heat.

This is a symptom of a major problem for men when it comes to dating – We don’t know how to talk to women.

Why is this so? Where are all the smooth talkers? Are there any men like James Bond or Hank Moody out there who are equipped with a verbal arsenal that can charm a woman with words? How come every other guy sounds like Brick Tamland?

I’ll tell you why – People don’t talk on the phone anymore.

It’s a lost art, and considered a massive waste of time. In this Social Media, online-streaming driven society, multitasking rules the day. We think – Why should I give all my attention to talking on the phone with someone when I can just text them while watching Netflix, eating dinner, messaging friends, and reading the news at the same damn time? It’s easy to see that we’ve become an A.D.D. generation, and devoting all your energy into a phone conversation seems about as primitive as rotary phones, typewriters, and vinyl records. Aziz Ansari will tell you the same thing:

I’m old enough to remember the days before text messaging, when people remembered each other’s phone numbers, if you can believe that.  You’d call up a friend, catch up on what’s going on, and even sometimes you’d sit there in silence while staying on the phone. Yes, you would actually be comfortable in silence while on the phone. There was no need to fill in any dead air with explicitly sexual comments. But of course, nowadays, people treat silence on the phone with intense trepidation, much like how Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio did in The Departed.

All I’m suggesting is this – Perhaps if we put a brief halt on texting, turn off our screens, and just spend some time on the phone with each other, maybe then men will come off a little less creepy.

But who has time for that shit. I’m two seasons behind on House of Cards.

* This is another solo post from Chris. Emily is currently busy saving elephants in Thailand, but will return shortly.

Would You Travel the World With a Stranger?

On Episode 4 of the podcast Upvoted by Reddit, Jordan Axani was interviewed since his post on r/canada went viral. This insightful interview showcases the power of travel and the Internet and highlights the connection two strangers can make. This incredible story has prompted Jordan to start a charitable non-profit, A Ticket Forward, fundraising trips for those who have not yet had an opportunity to travel the world.

The TL;DR of the story is this: Jordan was bullied as a child and, as a result, lost a sense of self-worth. He then decided to bike across Canada and quickly learned that the world was much larger than the community he grew up in. For Jordan, traveling saved him, but in his 20’s, to his dismay, he found himself back at a corporate job as a real estate developer, attending meetings and sitting in front of a computer. After a year of dating a woman by the name of Elizabeth Gallagher, Jordan purchased airline tickets to travel 7 countries in 3 weeks as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, weeks before their trip, the two broke up. Jordan called the airlines to attempt changing the name on the non-refundable tickets. All three airline policies of acceptable name changes had the following criteria: 1.) Get married; 2.) Get divorced; or 3.) Death. Since none of these applied, he decided to post a Facebook status describing his dilemma and asking if there were any Canadian citizens named Elizabeth Gallagher who would like free tickets to travel the world. Jordan wasn’t expecting much, but within a week his post went viral, reaching millions with his story being published in news articles. This eventually resulted in finding 18 Elizabeth Gallaghers who all wanted a free trip to see the world! To make a selection between one of the 18, he set his selection criteria to someone who would really benefit from this trip in the sense of never having traveled before. Jordan, 28, and new Elizabeth Gallagher, 23, met in the departure lounge for the first time, about to set out for 3 weeks together. In interviews, they both describe their relationship as platonic, Elizabeth stating that she already has a boyfriend. This brings us to our question: Would you travel the world with a complete stranger of the opposite sex?

Emily: While I would like to say that I am as brave as this Elizabeth, the thought of traveling with a man I don’t know is frightening. When I was single, I was cautious just meeting an OKCupid user at the local coffee shop. To say I would hop on a 14 hour flight, in a foreign country, with foreign languages, currencies, etc., is really scary especially in a world where you see headlines of rape, kidnappings and murder. I’m glad it worked out with these two and they seem like they had a lot in common, but free trip or not, I guess I am not as free-spirited. I would do a background and reference check on the guy first. If a chick offered you a free ticket, would you go?

Chris: A free trip is pretty hard to pass up. Seven countries in three weeks – that sounds amazing. But would I go with a girl I’ve never met before? I think doing some recon would definitely be in order – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. I’d try to see what I can find on her, maybe talk to her on the phone beforehand. Otherwise, I would lean towards going. I’m pretty good with directions, and fortunately men don’t fear getting physically/sexually abused by women. Maybe we should be more cautious, but we’re dumb like that.

Emily: Yeah, as a guy it’s a no brainer. Pitching you another hypothetical: What if the person given the option was your sister, or me, your girlfriend? Would you let me go? It is 7 countries in 3 weeks – pretty amazing.

Chris: Would I let you go with a male stranger? No. I’ll let Eddie Murphy explain why.

Chris: Even the unjealous boyfriend would not be ok with allowing their girlfriend to go on a three-week vacation abroad with another man. I’m assuming the same applies for women, too.

Emily: Yes, agreed. I find it surprising that Elizabeth mentioned she already had a boyfriend and still took the ticket. Traveling is definitely a luxury to take advantage of when you’re single. If you’re in a relationship, hopefully you can plan trips with your significant other… before kids.

Question: Would you travel the world with a stranger of the opposite sex?

Do We Like Sharing Food?

She literally just told me that she’s not hungry. So why is she eating my food then?

Taco Bell had a commercial that came out in 2014 for their Loaded Griller. The guy is eating his food, only to have his girlfriend swoop in for a big bite every time he ate. Here’s the ad:

The commercial didn’t create any headlines, but it poses a question that should be answered: Do guys like sharing food with their girl?

Chris: Some people just don’t like to share, period. But what gets to guys about this scenario is a false pretense. She says she’s not hungry, but yet she eats my food. And yes, you have done this before.

Emily: [Insert eye roll]. You act as if you’ve never done the same. There is a difference in our cases, though. When I say, “No thank you, I’m not hungry,” I do mean it, as I’m sure you do, too. However, like any sane person with senses, when you see and smell a juicy, bacon cheeseburger or a piping hot quesadilla oozing with cheese, sometimes it is hard to resist. Therefore, I will take a bite and sample it. The difference here lies in the bite. My bite is described more as a nibble versus your (ginormous) chomp. Why else do you think I allow you the first bite into a burger or burrito every time we do agree to share? I let you do the groundwork to get to the center of the good stuff. Oh, and I’m just polite and sweet like that.

Chris: Taking bites is all good. People do that all the time. But I’ve never said I’m not hungry only to take some of your food. It’s like women want to either A) be good with their dietary habits only to cave in at the sight of food, or B) put up the front of not having a strong appetite.

Emily: I never put up a front of eating modestly so I guess in my case, it’s really choice A. Maybe I subconsciously tell myself that I don’t need to eat but my willpower isn’t strong enough once it’s accessible and in front of me. Piece of advice: next time you order, you better Supersize it.

Chris: I think we can conclude by saying this: Guys, when buying something to eat, think of your significant other. She may not say she’s hungry, but that doesn’t mean she won’t want a bite of your food. So be prepared to share either way, like the Taco Bell guy.