No One Is Rooting For You

Is humanity inherently good or bad?

Where does morality come from? Are certain values innate or learned? Are some individuals naturally friendly and kind-hearted while others are born to be shitheads? I think about these things from time to time.

I’ve developed the general belief that no one is rooting for you.

If you have at least one person in this world that truly and genuinely supports you and wants your dreams to come true with no strings attached then you should consider yourself fortunate.

But for the other 99% of the people you encounter in life, let me break the news to you, they are not rooting for you to succeed. Hell, I’m not rooting for you. Do you think I want your blog to blow up? Do you really think I want you to have more readers than we do?

Recently, I decided to dive into the world of photography. Why? Obviously because there’s not enough Asian photographers out there.

It only took a day or two before I encountered a few people that wanted to take a big dump all over my pursuits. No, I don’t own a fancy Canon DSLR (it’s always the Canon users), nor do I have a $2,000 telephoto lens, but what’s it to you? It’s almost as if people are afraid that you’ll be successful so they want to put out that flame of desire before it gets bigger.

Everyone has their own worldview, the set of morals and principles that guide and reinforce the way they see life. Whenever something comes along that challenges or even shatters this worldview, they feel threatened and get defensive. We saw this when Elvis started shaking his hips on TV and when Bruce became Caitlyn. The polarizing reactions weren’t a reflection of Elvis or Caitlyn; they were a reflection of the individual viewer and the discomfort they felt seeing someone living life with a different worldview from theirs.

We all want to be ourselves, do we not? We want to try new things. We have different dreams and interests. I’ll tell you this much: the bigger the dream, the more hate you’ll get from your peers, your so-called friends, and even your family. You want to be a Hollywood actor or a rockstar? Almost everyone will be waiting for you to fail. Why? Because people are risk-adverse. In their minds, they would never dare to do anything crazy because they feel like they would certainly fail, and so obviously that means you should fail too. People want to be right. They want their worlds to make sense. But what if you’re crazy enough to take huge risks in your life and they actually pay off? These people may have a hard time with that.

So just be clear on this: if you want to try anything daring in your life, just know that most people will be rooting against you. It’s not so much about you, it’s more about their own insecurities and self-imposed limitations. It doesn’t matter though, it still feels equally shitty to know that you don’t have a whole lot of support. But that’s exactly why it will feel so much sweeter if your dreams come true.

Then again, they’re probably right. You’ll probably fail. But will you go for it anyways? That’s the question.



  1. Such an awesome post (I’m taking a risk by complimenting you lol). I love the label that you used: “risk-adverse”. How true is this? Even I have struggled with wanting to see someone accomplish what I saw as the impossible. And for the very same reason you said – because what will it mean for me if they actually pay off? It means that playing it safe wasn’t so safe after all.

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  2. Love your post! I am struggling to figure out why there can’t be more than one winner. I expect others not to root for me (because maybe they are afraid of taking risks themselves), but does that mean they will root against me?

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  3. Interesting perspective. If someone has a similar dream or goal as you, it’s hard to root for them, sometimes. Almost the day after I started blogging one of my friends decided to blog too. She’s now writing for a national girl foodie blog. As much as I’m happy for her, I’m left thinking, “Awesome, you’ve begun living my Dream for me. Awesome”. It’s weird.

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  4. what does it say about me, that when i saw head line I immediately felt sad and was reassured, see no one is! then i quickly get over it…not really. I genuinely and sincerely am rooting for my fellow men and do admit to weird bouts of jealousy and weird hopes that people are failing like me????!!!!! uuughhh. I want to have a vibe that encourages and inspires because i so appreciate when others do that for me. When you read my post, i was like…..what???? and you liked it too??? hmmm. wow, what an amazing outlet and valuable commodity which i do not want to lose. Freedom of speech?? What??? no muzzle except for my own self censorship, which may fail me from time to time.
    I’m rooting for you. I hope you find that the great existentialists in my mind will conclude that all men have more good than evil…let us believe and have faith and keep our dreams alive!


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