Dear Ladies: Wait for 30

It’s been around seven weeks since Emily and I started this blog.

During this time, I have scoured the WordPress blogosphere and I have literally lost count of the number of posts I’ve read about how men are immature, creepy, and have a general lack of common sense.

Gee, y’all ladies are real funny.

No, to be honest, I enjoy reading these diatribes on males. The female bloggers we follow have great senses of humor and I look forward to reading more rants about the buffoonery surrounding men.

But yet, I am a man.

It’s like hearing a racist joke about Asians told by a non-Asian. It’s funny and I laugh, but I can’t help but feel some level of angst, right?

Actually, no, I love racist jokes. They never upset me, unless the joke is super lame. But I digress.

Here is what I want to say to the hetero-female bloggers out there:

Okay, I get it: men suck.

We can be Neanderthals at times, many times in fact. We always laugh if a fart or a dick joke is involved.

Our communication skills are, well let’s just say they can leave something to be desired. Sometimes we text you so much that the iMessage thought bubble seems permanently fixed to the text conversation, and yet there are other times when we act like you don’t even exist.

We want sex all the time. No dinner. No movie. No drinks. Just come over. Conversation? Bitch please. So what if it’s 3 AM and we live thirty miles away? Our magical penises will make it worth you’re while.

Do you feel those eyes staring at you from across the bar, burning a quarter-shaped hole into your cerebral cortex? Yeah, that’s us. We are on full-creep mode, our eyes looking you up and down as our mind’s eye undresses you, naked as the day you were born. And we don’t give a fuck.

We’ll buy you a drink. See, this way your inhibitions will go down and you’ll be shoving your vaginas in our faces. It’s a full-proof plan.

Movies? Books? Hobbies? Which ones do we like? Whichever one gets us in your pants.


Okay, calm down everyone. I just wanted to paint a picture of the men you all are describing in these blog posts.

Here’s the thing: to me, most of these guys sound like men in their twenties.

Men in their twenties are nothing but giant balls of testosterone (pun definitely intended) held together by bones, organs, and flesh.

You have to forgive them; it’s a biological thing. And now that every type of porn known to man is available in about 5 seconds, well they’re just jacking off constantly, and this is only making them more impatient and more prone to throw out manners and just go for the jugular.

Since it’s 2015 now, if a male was born between 1985 and 1995, he is probably masturbating to some grotesque shit right at this very moment. But I digress yet again.


There’s a silver lining: we mature at 30.

When we hit 30, we think, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we just listened once in a while?”

Or, “Wow, I actually enjoy spending a Friday night at home reading a good book.”

Or even still, “She’s got a cool personality. I appreciate the conversations we have.”

Wait, hold up, did you just say conversation? Yes I did. You see, we get better at that sort of thing, that whole human interaction thing. We give less shits about trying to impress you and more shits about being true to ourselves.

We learn to stand up for our principles and values, and this makes us unique.

We can develop genuine interest in you as a person, while still wanting to have sex with you, no doubt. But this we know can wait.

Guys get better at 30; we actually start to grow up.

But keep dating them twenty-somethings, because I love reading these blog posts.

Yours truly,

– Chris.



  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely enjoyed the heck out of this post! It is SO nice to hear a man’s guarantee (or strong promise) that this will be over eventually. I just turned 30 last month, and have been feeling like giving up on all hope of a relationship. After reading this, I feel like I’m getting what I am getting because I am dating the ages that I am dating. Instead of waiting until he turns 30 though, I may just start dating guys 30+. lol.

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  2. Love this! But Chris, the men I’m dating and referring to are in their mid-30’s through early 50’s. No young 20 year olds and they aren’t getting better. What advice do you have for me? I need help please!

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    1. Have you heard of cannabis?

      No, but really, I forget who said this but: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

      Maybe that’s applicable to you, what the hell do I know.

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  3. “We want sex all the time. No dinner. No movie. No drinks. Just come over. Conversation? Bitch please.” I am dying hahahaha this post was so wonderful! Great post, Chris!

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  4. My dad has always told me the same thing. He says just wait and the guys will mature. It will get better. unfortunately I’m 10 years away from my 30s…I guess I’ll just dedicate the next decade to “me time”

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  5. I wish I can like this a miliion times. Chris, you pretty much hit the point and thank you for speaking on behalf of us men. Dating is no longer the same anymore due to social media and technology. Unlike back in the days where couples would actually write love letters to each other to keep the romance in privacy and intimacy, now they’re talking, sexting, facebooking, and snapchatting to multiple people all at once. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. As I get older, I do find genuine intellectual heart-to-heart talk much more intriguing. Like they say, shit gets old. Going out, getting intoxicated, and having impaired vision just to see that everything will look good for the next 2, maybe 4 hours is old. Guys that are in their 20s are called boys. Men do mature and think more about the future and eventually want to settle down with the right person when they reach 30. And who’s the right person? Maybe, it’s your closest male or female friend who shares the same beliefs. But, don’t get me wrong here though. I’m not gay. Haha.

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  6. Very true. I corroborate 100% this post, as a single 30-almost-1 girl.

    However, a lot of the single guys over 30 fall into one of 3 buckets:

    1) single bc of crippling social awkwardness/anxiety
    2) newly divorced with a LOT of baggage
    3) mature and all-around great, exhibit those behaviours you describe… But realise that this new behavioural style makes them a rare chick-magnet and so use it to their advantage to sleep with as many women as possible, but in a more sophisticated manner.

    So yeah. “All the good ones are taken” is VERY VERY true.

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