Day: May 15, 2015

Female Pickup Artists, Huh???

At first, this was unbelievable to me.

I was perusing when I came across this article titled This Is What a ‘Female Pickup Artist’ Seminar Is Actually Like.

Whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock.

The title stopped me in my tracks. Let’s think about this – female pickup artists. For those that aren’t in the know, the pickup artist, or PUA, is a term that’s been around for decades, spawning communities all over the world of men teaching one another how to meet, attract, and date women. This came to my attention years ago when I read The Game, by Neil Strauss. An entertaining read, the book chronicles Neil’s journey from being a man who had zero skills with women to becoming one of the top PUA’s in the world through his indoctrination into the ways of the pickup community. Personally, I found much of Neil’s views and opinions to be useful about men and women, while scoffing at some of the more cheesy, canned tips he offered.

But female PUAs, really???

The hetero-world of dating centers around the notion that sexual choice lies in the hands of women. This is why clubs allow women to get in for free with minimal waiting while the line is full of dudes, why women’s OKCupid inboxes are full of messages, and why every guy swipes right for every girl on Tinder (or at least I would think so). The thought that women have trouble meeting men is beyond me, and to go even further the fact that female PUAs even exist at all with seminars full of women looking for help is quite confounding.

But then I remembered an important fact – I’m just a man, and men don’t know shit about women.

I never thought women had difficulty meeting men, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The overall social awkwardness of the general population seems to be growing- we’re so used to substituting Facebook and Instagram Likes for actual face-to-face conversation. It’s no wonder women and men alike are finding it increasingly difficult to meet each other in social settings. Dating isn’t done the way mom and dad used to do it- the manuscript must be revised and rewritten for today’s landscape.

In my opinion, if there’s any benefit to these female pickup artist seminars it’s this- women can learn about themselves. Reading The Game actually brought to light a lot of my own personal tendencies and self-opinions- I believe  the increased level of self-awareness ultimately helped my cause. We are all on the same boat, trying to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of modern dating. No one is impervious to a little guidance and self-evaluation along the way.

With that said, do your thing ladies. Cheers to female PUAs, I guess.

– Chris.

The Hipster Epidemic

“Everything popular is wrong.” – Oscar Wilde

That statement is full of truth. I tend to believe that the general population doesn’t want to think critically, but rather prefer to be spoon-fed information and ideas. I also believe in progress, the idea that evolution and change are good. If people never questioned norms and conventions the world may still be flat and women would be stuck in the kitchen. Standards and traditions need to be challenged, this is how society improves.

Unfortunately, hipsters are ruining everything.

I don’t know when this happened, but hipsters have become total douchebags. Their counter-culture views and alternative values are no longer respected and admired. All I see are watered down clones with no true convictions except for one – being cool. And they’re everywhere.

I can remember having a conversation with someone in a bar. I do enjoy a cold brew as much as anyone; in fact by this time I had developed personal tastes and preferences of beer. This person started to drone on about his beer tastes, reciting every fact he knew about beer, explaining to me why he believed Stone IPA to be the best IPA.

As I nodded, three words rung out in my head, repeatedly – I … hate you. I hate this guy. I don’t quite remember, but I may have whispered that underneath my breath.

This diluted hipster clone accomplished two things: 1) he completely killed my enthusiasm for beer, and 2) he made me question myself. Was I as douchey as he was, simply because of my love and knowledge of beer? Was I taking beer too seriously? Once the I hate you mantra faded in my head, an internal dialogue followed:

Stone IPA, really?

Don’t you know that the best hops on the west coast are from Northern California? I mean, you could’ve mentioned Lagunitas or Bear Republic and I would’ve given you more respect.

Oh my god, am I just as big of a pretentious douche as he is???

This is the epidemic – hipsters have become mainstream. Having refined tastes and minority opinions are en vogue to the point that these sensibilities are no longer ideologies, but cosmetics.

As a result, I’ve developed a mental twitch. Every time I enjoy an indie film or a nice pair of boots, I second guess myself. I go to Urban Outfitters and wonder, should I really be here? When I hear a band that has an acoustic arrangement like The Shins or The Lumineers, I enjoy the music, but with a sigh.

Somewhere along the way, the hipster has cannibalized itself. As I type this post from my Macbook Pro, wearing a plaid shirt and rolled up pants, in my black plastic-rimmed Rayban glasses with my hair hard-parted to the side while sipping a Belgian Ale from a local brewery, I am giving you the middle finger, you damn hipsters.

– Chris.