#SocialMediaPDA – When is it Too Much?

Emily: As I hit my late 20’s, it’s bad enough that I have my mother breathing down my neck asking, “When are you going to get married?” Now I am constantly being reminded (what seems to be on a weekly basis) that everyone around me is either getting married, getting engaged or getting preggers. It’s really difficult missing that big block in your Newsfeed when it’s bolded and centered every time a friend adds a life event and the standard congratulations flood the page.

While I understand the significance of these life events and am happy for them (as evidenced by my Like), what I don’t understand is all of the other general social media PDA. I guess it’s sweet to see John loves Rachel and got her just because flowers and a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s. John also wants me to know that he thinks his girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world. I can’t help but wonder if John tells her this in person, too, and if so, before or after the status update? It just makes me wonder, is there such a thing as too much social media PDA?

Chris: Whether we admit it or not, there exists a troll inside all of us, hungry and waiting to be fed. Social media PDA is the bacon cheeseburger for our inner troll. It’s like watching The Bachelor – on one hand you wonder how a show like this could exist only to realize you’ve watched every group date and rose ceremony. To me, I find it interesting what social media PDA reveals about us as people. There are many factors in play – from people wanting to uphold an image of a perfect relationship to viewers trolling every egregiously romantic post. I’ve noticed that women in particular have a distaste for social media PDA, because, as we all know, women love hating other women.


Emily: Women call other women bitches, sluts and whores as men call other men dicks, douchebags, and sons of bitches. These nicknames are often warranted out of jealousy – for women it’s based on insecurity surrounding physical looks, for men it’s based on insecurity surrounding the alpha desire to make more money or drive a flashier car. I can’t speak for men but I would say women are competitive and agree woman on woman hate is rampant. So if your question above is asking whether or not social media PDA is stemmed from the desire to make others jealous, I think very much so. I can’t see anyone really wanting to tweet or Instagram themselves kissing because they genuinely think people see this as a measurement of their true love. And if they do think others are dying to see their newest love status, it goes back to my original question, when is it too much? Do we have societal pressures to put on a happy face for the web all the time? Is this the modern way of demonstrating true love?

Chris: I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s never too much. Social media PDA always serves a purpose, whether it’s for John to show everyone how awesome he is for having someone like Rachel, or for people to troll on him for his over-the-top gushing. I don’t mind it at all. It’s like gratuitous nudity in Game of Thrones  – are you really that upset about it? I’m not.

But does this mean someone loves someone less because there’s a lack of social media PDA? Of course not. Girls should think about fighting the urge to find these hidden underlying meanings behind their man’s social media activity, because usually there isn’t one. It’s fairly simple – everyone has their own level of privacy they’d like to keep – just because I don’t tell my Facebook friends how great you are doesn’t mean I think it any less. As long as I tell you how much I appreciate you face to face, the social media stuff is irrelevant.

Emily: You mean after all this debate you’re not going to tell me you love me on the web? Because I love you!!! ^____^ ❤ ❤ ❤ Did that gross out any readers out there? Get used to it. #socialmediaPDA is going viral!


  1. When I see ones that are overly mushy, I just wonder why they feel the need to display it. Shouldn’t it just matter to the person you want to communicate it to? Or do they feel compelled to create an image to the public about how wonderful their relationship is–when maybe they feel insecure about it themselves and feel the need for public reinforcement…or they just like attention! I think that’s when it irks me, or it could just be the whole woman hating on woman. Haha!

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  2. I don’t necessarily mind social media pda if it’s occasional. I only start to troll people if they’re continuously posting stuff, which is probably wrong of me. They love each other, a lot, and they want people to know. Great. But you know if they break up people will make a bigger deal out of it. My boyfriend and I don’t really post too much stuff on social media, but are willing to share stuff with our close friends in real life (in person/over the phone). I feel that since everything is so available on social media, in turn, I want to keep the more important things closer to me. I don’t care to see that a couple got a lizard and that girl’s mom now considers it her grandlizard. That. Is too much.


  3. The PDA is less bothersome to me- and much easier to skip over- than the public fights couples have on their news feed. Gosh that irks me. Seriously! Have people forgotten how to handle conflict?! There will be a day when we only say “I love you” or “I hate you” online and never in person…when we know everyone else will be there to observe. :/

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  4. I’ve had my fair share of scrolling down my Facebook feed and seeing a long status comment about how “she” is annoyed and pissed at how much money “he” owes her. Facebook have become my silent entertainment.

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