The Lost Art of The Phone Call

Men are such creeps.

Scouring the blogverse, I’ve come across countless posts from women venting their frustrations about men who, in their minds, are social mutants. A popular complaint of the ladies is that men turn conversations sexual way too early on. Whether it’s an overly flirtatious compliment or a straight up dick-pic, a lot of us men have become trigger happy when it comes to turning up the conversational heat.

This is a symptom of a major problem for men when it comes to dating – We don’t know how to talk to women.

Why is this so? Where are all the smooth talkers? Are there any men like James Bond or Hank Moody out there who are equipped with a verbal arsenal that can charm a woman with words? How come every other guy sounds like Brick Tamland?

I’ll tell you why – People don’t talk on the phone anymore.

It’s a lost art, and considered a massive waste of time. In this Social Media, online-streaming driven society, multitasking rules the day. We think – Why should I give all my attention to talking on the phone with someone when I can just text them while watching Netflix, eating dinner, messaging friends, and reading the news at the same damn time? It’s easy to see that we’ve become an A.D.D. generation, and devoting all your energy into a phone conversation seems about as primitive as rotary phones, typewriters, and vinyl records. Aziz Ansari will tell you the same thing:

I’m old enough to remember the days before text messaging, when people remembered each other’s phone numbers, if you can believe that.  You’d call up a friend, catch up on what’s going on, and even sometimes you’d sit there in silence while staying on the phone. Yes, you would actually be comfortable in silence while on the phone. There was no need to fill in any dead air with explicitly sexual comments. But of course, nowadays, people treat silence on the phone with intense trepidation, much like how Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio did in The Departed.

All I’m suggesting is this – Perhaps if we put a brief halt on texting, turn off our screens, and just spend some time on the phone with each other, maybe then men will come off a little less creepy.

But who has time for that shit. I’m two seasons behind on House of Cards.

* This is another solo post from Chris. Emily is currently busy saving elephants in Thailand, but will return shortly.


  1. As a newly single late 20’s something dude, I agree with this. I recently learned that I simply cannot date anyone younger than 25 because the majority of them are all about texting/snapchat. I mean, most of them don’t even know that their phones has the capability to dial numbers which would telephonically connect to another phone to hear another persons voice. Usually when they get a phone call they act all surprised as if an incoming phone call is the weirdest thing ever. I’m mostly just kidding though. Mostly… 😦

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  2. Reblogged this on Trolling the Class and commented:
    This kind of goes with what I wrote about yesterday, I do agree that phone conversations are important. It is important to hear the other persons voice. Believe me if that person has an annoying voice you are gonna be pissed if you have committed yourself to 3 drinks with someone who sounds like nails on a chalkboard.


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