Do We Like Sharing Food?

She literally just told me that she’s not hungry. So why is she eating my food then?

Taco Bell had a commercial that came out in 2014 for their Loaded Griller. The guy is eating his food, only to have his girlfriend swoop in for a big bite every time he ate. Here’s the ad:

The commercial didn’t create any headlines, but it poses a question that should be answered: Do guys like sharing food with their girl?

Chris: Some people just don’t like to share, period. But what gets to guys about this scenario is a false pretense. She says she’s not hungry, but yet she eats my food. And yes, you have done this before.

Emily: [Insert eye roll]. You act as if you’ve never done the same. There is a difference in our cases, though. When I say, “No thank you, I’m not hungry,” I do mean it, as I’m sure you do, too. However, like any sane person with senses, when you see and smell a juicy, bacon cheeseburger or a piping hot quesadilla oozing with cheese, sometimes it is hard to resist. Therefore, I will take a bite and sample it. The difference here lies in the bite. My bite is described more as a nibble versus your (ginormous) chomp. Why else do you think I allow you the first bite into a burger or burrito every time we do agree to share? I let you do the groundwork to get to the center of the good stuff. Oh, and I’m just polite and sweet like that.

Chris: Taking bites is all good. People do that all the time. But I’ve never said I’m not hungry only to take some of your food. It’s like women want to either A) be good with their dietary habits only to cave in at the sight of food, or B) put up the front of not having a strong appetite.

Emily: I never put up a front of eating modestly so I guess in my case, it’s really choice A. Maybe I subconsciously tell myself that I don’t need to eat but my willpower isn’t strong enough once it’s accessible and in front of me. Piece of advice: next time you order, you better Supersize it.

Chris: I think we can conclude by saying this: Guys, when buying something to eat, think of your significant other. She may not say she’s hungry, but that doesn’t mean she won’t want a bite of your food. So be prepared to share either way, like the Taco Bell guy.


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